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The Horror Audience

The horror genre grossed over $1 Billion at the box office.

Horror fans go to the theater and spend more money than any other genre of moviegoer.

Nearly 50% of all horror fans attend movies more than 12 times a year.

The horror audience is more diverse than the average blockbuster audience.

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Breaking news, digital archives, in-depth editorials covering horror hits, retrospectives, interviews, and essays.

Social Media

Effectively increase your brand awareness, drive website traffic, and expand your audience across our popular social media channels.


A top-tier selection of podcasts that explore and analyze the multi-faceted horror genre with accomplished guests.

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Editorially-driven content targeting the diverse horror audience with your product, film, festival, or novel.


Our internationally renowned and most iconic product, our quarterly magazine, is where it all started. Advertising in our collector’s issues allows your brand to be a part of horror history.


Directly reach engaged collectors, connoisseurs, fans, and filmmakers with our weekly Terror Teletype newsletter and sponsored E-blasts, both of which provide ad exclusivity.

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